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導向月刊 第161期(1/1999) 第39頁

Time Is Life

/Evelyn O. Shin

  How do we measure one's life? With time.

  Although the length of one's life isn't necessarily equated with one's value, if one achieves a life of value in a short time, we can be sure that he or she has fully used the time available. Therefore, to waste times is to waste one's own life.

  Every time I hear a chairman say, "Now, let's give our time to the speaker," I tense up. What he means is that all of us in the audience, maybe even 200 people, are going to hand over parts of our lives to him. Will he waste our time with meaningless words?

  Wasting time is easy to do. Furthermore, one can't grab it and keep it. Time flows silently and continuously. We can only catch up to it and walk along with it. If we are late for one second, time will go on without us.

  We can't deposit time or charge against it. We live in it and spend it as we please, but time cannot be taken home to save for later use. God's justice shows the most in "time". Everyone has 24 hours a day. Rich people are not able to buy time from the poor. Furthermore, no one knows how much time is left for him or her. A ten-year project or five-year plan is not a guarantee.

  So, it seems that the best thing we can do is cherish our present time. We could ask ourselves, "What would I do if I only had tree months to live?" With this condition, we would discover the priority of using time well. At the same time, I don't advise being a workaholic. We need to spend our time wisely. A life balanced with times for resting and exercising, as well as for working, uses time most effectively.

  Since time is so precious, the best gift we can give to our families is time. Remember, time is life. Family members are part of one's life. They have the right to occupy our time, to share our lives.

  Have a sharing happy new year!



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