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/By Thomas H. Woo

During Christmas time, many of us went out and searched for a perfect gift to be given to a family member, a relative, or a friend. A perfect gift should not only make the recipient feel pleased, it should make the giver feel good. Instead, our search became time-consuming and often frustrating. Meanwhile, merchants were annoyingly anxious to entice you into their stores.

In a small suburban town adjacent to Washington, DC, for example, a stretch of road of approximately ten miles is supersaturated with shopping centers. It has a total of thirty-two shopping centers, each offering anything and everything that money can buy-from the least expensive to the most expensive. This year, for those who have it all, an upscale department store offered a sterling silver computer mouse. It was priced slightly more than three thousand dollars. Wow, what a mouse! I am sure some people would have bought them only for appearance's sake and for prestige. After all, the value of silver in the metal commodity market, at this writing, is approximately seven dollars per ounce, and this computer mouse contains only a few ounces of silver.

Despite all of the material gifts that were given or received, there is actually only one and only one perfect gift that fits all occasions and pleases everybody. That gift is Jesus Christ. Of course, He is God's Perfect Gift to every one of us. Let's think! Think of all the great and awesome things that have come to you throughout your life through Jesus. They came to you only by His creation and by His grace. Please remember, they are but a slight taste of all good things that are yet to come. Without Him, one exists without a meaningful purpose. Life is empty. The emptiness can be filled immediately with Him, but one must first open your heart and accept Him. No one can force you to accept Him. God can, but He will only let you accept or reject Him at your free will. The choice is purely yours to decide.

I most highly recommend that you accept Him wholeheartedly. Once you accept Him, you have accepted the most perfect gift of all-the gift bought and brought by God Himself for you and me.



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