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導向月刊 第181期(9/2000) 第E3頁

Come Into The Darkness


It was early in the morning, before sunrise. Relying on natural light and a small bulb coming from the bathroom, I was getting ready to leave for a business trip and trying desperately to be very quiet. My husband Bob was still cuddled in bed, looking so inviting.

Tiara, my dog, kept one eye on me from the bed, as I walked across the room to the closet. When my hand grabbed hold of the closet door, I felt Tiara's wet little nose nudging my leg. She always knows when I am leaving on a trip and this morning was no exception. She had to have her goodbye hug.

As I opened the closet door, I wanted to explain to her not to follow me in. You see, the closet was even darker than the room. It was small and full of many obstacles. Tiara doesn't like being in small places and especially being in the dark.

Refraining from talking, I walked into the closet and stood inside, among the clothes, awaiting her reaction. Tiara stood for a few moments and looked at me, I could tell she was afraid. She has always been afraid of not only the dark, but any loud sound. She is extremely sensitive to the environment.

As she stood there staring at me, waiting for assurance, I motioned her to come in. Reluctantly, and slowly she came into my darkness. You see, I could not turn on the light until the door was shut and she had stepped into the room completely. If I had, the light from the closet would have blinded and disturbed Bob's sleeping.

So, for a few moments we were both engulfed in complete darkness. During this time, I was so proud that she did not whine or make a sound. She stood courageously next to my feet, so close, I could feel the warmth of her fur. When all was completed, I quickly turned on the light switch and immediately bent down to hold her. Her trust and her love for me had overcome her fear.

Tiara followed me into the darkness, knowing that I would not fail her. She knew I would hold and protect her regardless of what seemed frightening and totally out of her control. The risk was worth a hug from me. Although she knew she could not reach the light herself, she still chose to enter in. Since that morning, her proven love, this step in faith, has continually bathed my spirit in gladness.

If I can only learn from her! Many times God has stood in my dark closet, motioning me to follow. Although the darkness is for a moment, the joy when the light turns on is eternal. Sometime I do, and I find that he turns on the switch and hugs me as soon as I enter. Sometimes I stand, unwilling to join Him.

O God, I pray that the next time You walk into my darkness, I will be able to follow. I want to prove to you my love, faith strong enough to come into the darkness. Where I can then ironically be in the light, safe and loved.



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