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Our Fifteenth Anniversary

/Evelyn O. Shih

Steering Magazine is now 15 years old! It seems just a twinkle of time since her birth. We are grateful as will as regretful.

There is a saying that time passes more quickly in happy times. That's certainly true in our case. Furthermore, when we watch Steering grow to be loved by numerous readers and supported by many authors, we feel happy and grateful. Our path, however, was not always smooth.

Fifteen years ago, when we had announced plans to publish this monthly magazine, we received much negative advice. "Nobody reads anymore." "Televisions and computers have taken over the habit of reading." "Who is going to read your magazine anyway?" "Another Christian magazine? Are you crazy? Don't you know how many existing Christian magazines are closing down?"

Some negative advice was directed to me personally. "Once you become an editor of a magazine, you won't have time to write your own articles. You should consider that."

All of this advice contained down-to-earth facts; but, we, a few fools under the leadership of our Big Brother, Reverend Elisa Wu, regardless of all problems, started the project with our bare hands, so to speak. And God with his mercy, has blessed us abundantly for the last 15 years. In turn, Steering has become a blessing to people all over the world.

As for me, this project was handed to me in my old age. As for the timing of our magazine, it began in the last years of the 20th century and has flowed into the 21st century, so Steering can be called an intra-century magazine. We are grateful for God's wonderful plans.

In the editor's office, there are files on every writer. Over the years we have recorded their personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, etc.; the articles they submitted; the published or rejected dates; and the fees we paid or they donated. We have also categorized them into frequent and infrequent contributors. Those who had not contributed for five or more years were assigned "past contributor" status.

We are proud to announce that for the last fifteen years, we have had more than 700 contributors. In almost every issue, we have three to five new writers. Occasionally, some of the "past contributors" come back to again join the production line.

One file, however, gives us sadness. That is the file of the deceased. We regret that some of our literary friends will never come back to this world. As we remember their work with us, we are also reminded that life is short.

My dear friends, the number "15 years" is quite large in the span of a person's lifetime. How many more "15 years" do we have? Thus, I invite you to grasp the present time to serve with us and glorify the Lord.



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