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The First Miracle Wasn't The Wine

/By Hsiao Ching

There was a wedding and Jesus was asked to perform his first miracle. He was to create wine. What? For a first timer, that is quite a request. Think of it. I could see if he warmed up by maybe reattaching a branch of a tree, or making a pimple on someone's face heal, but to create wine? That takes not only grapes and patience and time, but nature to do its work.

Where would he get the grapes? And are they sweet? They must be ripped and grapes special for wine. Then don't you have to press them? Also, there's the problem of time, who has it? The best of wine is usually the oldest in years. The wedding celebration is almost over, how much time is there left before the guests start to leave?

The Servants were told by Mary to obey what Jesus said to do. Now this took faith for Mary. How did she know what was possible? There was never doubt in her mind that Jesus would provide the drink. She didn't even stick around to see the process. It was as though she told them in her rush and left the servant alone with Jesus. She had other things to attend to and did not worry if it would be done or how.

When was the last time you asked God for a miracle and continued on your way. You never looked back and didn't even have to witness the event, you knew it would happen. Talk about" letting go, letting God", she left it all in God's "to do" box.

Jesus told the men to fill the large water jars with water. They filled it to the brim.

Stop right there. To the brim. Would you have filled the water up to the brim? This man Jesus has no history of ability or proven record in miracles. Why bother to run back and for the well to fill the huge jars that sat by the house? They probably had to first pour out the water in them, rinse them, before they filled it again. I don't know. But I do know it must have taken a lot of time and effort to fill those 13 gallons with no facets like we have today.

The servants had faith, first, with no questions asked, no hesitation, they simply obeyed. Jesus said it, and they did it. Plain and simple. Second, they had faith to do their job in excellence. They filled the jars up to the brim. All the way up until there was no more room. They anticipated wine. They could smell it, sense it coming, see and invision the deep red hue, their hope was in their act.

Jesus was set up, he took no time to pause and claim or even touch the jars. He didn't have to dip his finger into each jar and change the water. He didn't even say any magical words. He just expected and told them to serve the water.

Third great faith of the servants: They went out to the people, the wedding party, the guest of honor and poured. Exactly when did the water turn to wine? No one knows, I think it happened as they poured it into the wine glasses. Maybe it happened when they poured water into the jars.

No matter what, even if the water turned red, who would know how it tasted?

The servants had their reputations, their lives on the line. They were salves and their Master can make life difficult if they failed in any way or disgraced him. Their necks were out in the chopping block, if this Jesus was a fake, they would be the first to face the shame, embarrassment, even hostile violence.

I believe they knew Jesus before this. They had heard him and seen him at work. He was a man of his word, he was different. He was filled with so much love that one cannot help but want to be with him and obey him. How could he ever hurt them?

The rest of the story is of course that not only did the water turn to wine, it was the best wine of all. When God works, He never cuts corners, He never goes second-hand or allows for outlet quality. He always goes beyond what our expectations are. He loves to surprise us. He thrills in our astonishment. He enjoys showing us his art work.

Fill your life to the brim. Fill that jar with your dreams, expect a miracle, fill in hope. It may take several trips of hauling water back and forth, it may take time, but the time is not what is required for a miracle, the true miracle is the time required for you to recognize it.

All miracles require faith, miracles are only results of our faith. The first miracle is that people believed and upon that belief, God acted.

You have millions of miracles awaiting you. But it is up to you to set them free. How? Have faith to work in filling the brim.



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