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導向月刊 第183期(11/2000) 第E2頁

The Valley of the shadow of death

/Reginald Wong

Joshua 10:12 when Joshua marched up from Gilgal with his entire army to fight against the Amorite Kings, Joshua prayed to the Lord on the presence of Israel, The Lord answered Joshua and we see awesome wonders recorded in the Bible...

"So the sun STOOD STILL over Gibeon and the moon stopped over the Valley of Aijalon about a full-day" until Joshua completely destroyed the Amorites.

These things do not happen only in Bible times; it happens today too, if we trust in our powerful, faithful and loving God. This happened when I was fighting against the threat of death over severe bleeding from diverticula on the color. I did not know the severity of the condition until I felt numb over my hands and feet and dizziness. My wife prayed for me and called the ambulance. I was immediately taken to the hospital emergency. My blood level had dropped to 62 from what a normal person of 135-160 and later I learned that when blood level drop below 70 a person's heart will stop function. Our God has done great wonders. He caused my heart, instead of "STOOD STILL" but to continue functioning.

As the hospital continue to give blood transfusion, I continue to bleed. Doctors were trying hard to find out the cause in order to stop my bleeding and if needed for operation. Blood transfusion continued until the 5th bag when my system started to reject the new blood; my skin became itchy and hives around my stomach started to appear. The nurse noticed it and the doctor ordered blood transfusion to stop. No more blood transfusion but worst of all I continue to bleed as much as ever. Examinations and testing continues but noco I cannot depend on blood transfusion anymore! Our had Jesus Christ work wonders as we put our complete trust in Him.

Long awaited results came through my 5th examination, and what a relief-cause of my bleeding were discovered and immediately I was booked for surging at 9.15pm the next day after 10days of hand work.

Work to be done was to remove my Right Hemicolectomy.

In the operating room, the anaestheric doctor explained to me certain procedures.

The phone rang - its for the surgeon who is to operate on me. It was a request to the surgeon to postpone my surgery in order to give my scheduled time to an emergency life and death ease of a woman who needed immediate caesarian to save the mother and the baby's life. My surgeon agreed, but the anaesthetic doctor has already prepared things for my operation. Disagreement started and a furious argument between the surgeon and the doctor. My surgeon lost his temper and slammed the door behind him saying anqrify "I am going home". So off I go again. I was wheeled out of the operating room to the waiting room - no more surgery at 9.15pm and uncertain I will have a surgeon to do my surgery. Hopes of my operation faded so I started to pray again to Almighty God-saying whatever happens I commit myself to His hands. One hour later the nurse came and wheeled me back to the operating room. To my relief and I thank God when I saw my surgeon silting there anxiously waiting to do his job. I thank God, He answered my prayer my surgeon did not go home! Operation successfully completed and my surgeon phoned my wife to give her the good news. I thank my Lord Jesus Christ that death threat on my life is over. We know that however bad the situation is, God is in control! What comfort we have when we trust in God!

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a wonderful Saviour and faithful and loving God. He rules (controls) over ALL things! Praise Him for He hears my wife's, my family's, pastors, brother's and sister's prayers. I am deeply grateful and thankful to all the prayers and supplications during my sickness. May God's blessings continue to be with no all -amen.

I would also like to share with you a song which is very dear to my heart.

"God leads His dear children along"

1. In shady green pastures so rich and so sweet God leads His dear children along

with the waters cool floss ease the weary ones feet

God leads His dear children along .

2. Sometimes on the mount where sun shines so bright

God leads His dear children along .

Sometimes in the valley in darkest of might

God leads His dear children along .

Chorus: Some through the waters some through the flood

Some through the fire but all through the blood

Some through great sorrow but God gives a song
in the right season and all the day long.



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