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導向月刊 第183期(11/2000) 第E4頁

Shout For Joy When You Are Victorious

/Cicy Chan

One day, I was looking at some books at the bookfair that was in my school. I didn't bring money that day, even if I did have allowance, because my mom gave me advice on how to use my money, not getting what I want, but what I need. However I found many books that I liked. I was wishing I could have one when a friend came by. She had five dollars and she didn't know what to buy. She offered me some money, and she really held out two dollars. As I was wondering about what to do, I felt a person saying, "Take it, take it. Mom won't know it. Hurry!" At the same time, another person said, "Don't take it, you have your own money, so why do you want your friend's money?" I felt like two people were pulling me, but I didn't know which side to go. It seemed like I was in the midair. I thought, "if I take it, is it true that nobody will know? Or am I greedy? Didn't my mom say the Lord Jesus will see everything I do? Oh no! What should I do?"

Suddenly I remembered that I can pray! So I prayed to Jesus for help. After I prayed, I told my friend I don't need the money. The Bible says: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. God will provide for me everything that I need. Then the first person inside me scolded me. I told him I have to follow what Jesus says. The bad person was defeated! Finally, the inside battle was over. My heart is full of joy that I didn't take the money. If I did, I might feel frightened and guilty. Now I know I should always keep Jesus first in whatever I do, and He will let me know what is the right thing to do. Hallelujah!!



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